Multididimensional Therapie


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What is Multidimensional Therapy?
It is known as The Heart Therapy. It is performed with the help of Beings of Light teams, who enter our multidimensional field and work the entire energy field through the heart chakra.
The work is coordinated by Master Adama, Master Sananda, Mother Mary and Archangel Michael.
It is a spiritual tool that helps you to solve mental, emotional and spiritual issues and situations.
It is a powerful energetic therapy that will change your life in a short period of time.
Allowing us to see and feel, people and situations around us in a new light and perspective.
It can be performed as many times as we want/ need, varying the need for the soul to soul.
The only request they make is for us to be honest with ourselves, and to go on this journey with an open heart.
Ready to change your life? Come along! We are all waiting for you.
Stay in peace.
Hug of light

For questions, more information or appointments:
Cellphone/WhatsApp: 0621956366
E-mail address:
Facebook page:
Therapy facilitated by Andreia Chaves
Speaking language: Portuguese and English
Therapy Price: 40,00Euros

*Sessions have the duration of 1/1h30 hour and can be done through Skype.